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Preis Algan Granulat Teich 3500gr

Preis Algan Granulat Teich 3500gr
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Price: 21,80Euro [TaxInc]
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Preis Algan Granulat Teich 3500gr

is a filter material containing severa elements which bind the pollutants in a controlled way. These are pure natural products and therefore, do not perturb the ecological balance of your biotope. The ion exchanger reduces naturally the pollutants and the detrimental elements such as phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, urea and the organic waste of the fish and the plants. This again allows the quantity of food the algae thrive on to be diminished and thus, hinders considerably their growth. The more significant the fish stock,
he bigger amount of food - and therefore of organic compounds - are released into the water. The same applies to the koïs ponds. The algae thrive and the water is cloudy.

Direction for use:
PREIS ALGAN GRANULATES FOR PONDS is packed up in small nets that are to be hung in the pond or to be put into the filter. The most efficient method is to put them into the filter. Should there however be no space left in the filter, fasten simply PREIS ALGAN GRANULATES FOR PONDS to one of the flowpipe of the pump. If the pollution of the pond is normal, one net = 3500 g (± 4000 ml) is sufficient for a pond of 10 m3. Should the fish stock be significant or should it be a koïs pond, then it will do for a pond of 7 m3. Stability time: 6 to 8 weeks. If the water is very dirty or if there are lots of algae in the pond, the period will diminish accordingly. The filter material is by the way an excellent fertilizer for your plants and flowers in the house as well as in the garden.

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Preis Algan Granulat Teich 3500gr 
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