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JBL – PhosEx ultra 340gr

JBL – PhosEx ultra 340gr
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Price: 8,28Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL 6254100 – PhosEx ultra


Why are phosphorous compounds undesirable in aquariums?
Phosphorus (phosphate), an important plant nutrient, is lacking in natural waters (0.00J,0,01 mq/l). During their long evolution, plants have adapted to this lack and therefore require very little phosphorus for growth. High concentrations of phosphorous compounds, in the aquarium often more than 100 to 1000 times the natural level, leads to an explosive increase in unwelcome algae. Regular checks of the phosphate level in the water using the JBL Phosphate Test Set PO, and the prompt application of JBL PhosEx ultra prevents this risk. Levels up to 0.5 mg/I may be tolerated in a freshwater aquarium, and, in a saltwater aquarium, levels below 0.1 mg/I are desirable.

What causes phosphorous compounds in aquariums?
In addition to calcium, phosphorus is one of the most important constituents of the skeleton of a fish. Phosphorus also plays a significant role in many metabolic processes, enzymes and other vital active ingredients, as well as in muscle work. Fish meet their needs for phosphorus through food intake. Live and frozen food naturally contains the required amount of phosphorous compounds. In industrially produced food, e.g. JBL's Nova range, the use of selected raw materials guarantees this level. A proportion of the phosphorous compounds taken in with the food is 'excreted by the fish in their faeces, increasing the phosphate level of the water.
Unsuitable care products can also significantly increase the amount of phosphates in the aquarium water.

How long is JBL PhosEx ultra effective? In general, it is not possible to predict when the absorbtion capacity of JBL PhosEx ultra will be exhausted, since the level of phosphorous compounds in the aquarium depends on many factors: young, growing fish excrete proportionally less phosphorous compounds than fully-grown ones. A high stock of fish causes more phosphorous compounds than a lower one. Aquariums with densely. thriving plants consume more phosphorous compounds than aquariums with poorly-growing plants or no plants at all.

As a general guideline: in a 200 I aquarium, stocked with 1 cm of fish per litres of water and not over-fed, the contents of one pack (340 g) JBL PhosEx ultra 20 000 stays active far approx. 5-6 months. However, regular checks are advisable, using the JBL Phosphate Test Set PO4.

How can the unnecessary accumulation of phosphorous compounds in the aquarium be avoided?
Since the feed given to ornamental fish is the main source of phosphorus in the aquarium, the best way to avoid the build-up of unnecessary phosphorus is to give the fish a well-balanced feed specially adapted to their needs, avoiding any left-over feed. Information on the most suitable type of nutrition far your species of fish is contained in the JBL brochure "What - How - Why", No.3, available from your specialist supplier or free of charge directly from JBL.
Incorrectly thawed frozen feed can introduce a veritable flood of phosphorous compounds into the aquarium. Keep to the following procedure when giving frozen feed: let the required amount of feed thaw in a container with a little water. When it has completely thawed, pour through an artemia sieve (specialist shop) in order lo separate the feed organisms from the highly phosphate-saturated water. The feed organisms can now be vitamized with JBL Atvitol and given as feed.
Check your mains water, care products and ground material additives for unwanted phosphate content!
Products containing phosphates have no place in an aquarium, the fish provide more than enough phosphates themselves. Ali JBL care products are phosphate-free.



Before use, briefly rinse the net bag with JBL PhosEx ultra under running water to remove dust particles which are unavoidable during transport etc. Place the net bag with JBL PhosEx ultra between the filter substance in your aquarium. It is important that a section of filter floss (JBL Symec) at least 3-4 cm long is placed before and after JBL PhosEx ultra. This protects JBL PhosEx ultra from unnecessary contamination and ensures that any dust particles present cannot escape into the aquarium.
Phosphate levels of 10 mg/I are quickly reduced to less than 1 mg/1. JBL PhosEx ultra should be renewed when increasing phosphate levels are found.

Note: The water flow through the filter needs to be as slow as possible for JBL PhosEx ultra to develop its best possible effect. This can be achieved as follows: reduce the downstream flow (i.e. on the outlet side) to about 50 % in commercial motor-driven external filters (JBL Cristal Profi, etc.) by using a stop cock. However, much better results are achieved by using JBL PhosEx ultra in a biological slow filter or in a second filter vessel bypassed with only about 10 % of the volume passing through the main filter. Slower phosphate removal must be expected when using unthrottled flow. PhosEx ultra may cause a slight increase in carbonate hardness and pH levels when first used. Therefore use with care in extremely soft water and with pH levels below 7.

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JBL – PhosEx ultra 340gr 
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