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OceanLife Silico OH- 500ml

OceanLife Silico OH- 500ml
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Price: 25,68Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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21,41Euro [TaxInc]

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OceanLife Silico Remover, regenerable anti-silicate resin with color change for post-osmosis filters


Silico OH- is a regenerable resin with a color change for the removal of only the negated ions like nitrates and phosphates and in particular of silicates. It has up to 100% more removal capacity than competing products that use mixed-bed resins.
Silicate is one of the most difficult ions to remove and requires a specific resin. By placing this resin at the outlet of reverse osmosis plants it is possible to reduce diatomaceous problems to the minimum at the start of the tanks and drastically reduce the intake of silicates during the refilling of evaporated water.

To be used only on exit to reverse osmosis systems.
Silico can be regenerated with the system explained in the instructions.
It can immediately be noted that the Silico OH resin is completely homogeneously blue. This means that the resin is 100% usable for the removal of negative ions, unlike normal commercial toning products, in which it is observed that the resin is of two colors and generally almost 50% is not used for the removal negative ions.

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OceanLife Silico OH- 500ml 
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