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OceanLife Reef KH Carbonates 250ml

OceanLife Reef KH Carbonates 250ml
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Price: 12,86Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: OceanLife Reef KH Carbonates 250ml


The Berliner bases its success on the use of live rock , strong lighting, abundant water movement and filtration entrusted to a skimmer . In this way it creates an environment that simulates what happens in the natural reef , or the removal of pollutants by surface- skimmer and a reduction in non-polar compounds pollutants by live rocks (which are home to an internal collection of microorganisms able to complete the nitrogen cycle ) .

Calcium and carbonates are used by all the animals of the aquarium for the formation of aragonite , material component the skeleton of corals , the shells of bivalves such as clams , crustacean shells etc ...

Besides the intrinsic importance of these factors, it is important to be present in water in definite proportions . The salts are commercial balanced mixtures of a multitude of salts , present in a balanced way , it happens , however, that there may be unbalanced consumption of calcium or carbonates , due to micro- precipitation or other factors.

In the presence of this imbalance , the fastest and safest way to return to normal values ​​is the use of the products Liquid Calcium Plus and Liquid KH Plus

Their concentrated form and simple instructions make them perfect for both the experienced user , both for the beginner with no possibility of error in the assay.

Liquid Calcium Calcium Plus adds in its simplest form , the form of Ca + + ions and Liquid Plus adds KH Carbonate and bicarbonate ions in the form of CO3 - and HCO3 - .

These products do not alter the values ​​of nitrates, phosphates, silicates and are free of chelating agents, preservatives and gluconates .

You can not mix the two reagents in the same container before placing in the tank. If the two integrators are in direct contact , they neutralize and become ineffective , causing a precipitation of calcium carbonate is 100% pure .

Liquid Calcium Plus and Liquid KH Plus are products for the instantaneous change of values. To maintain recommend using supplements balanced Ca + KH Parts A and B or a Calcium Reactor Oceanlife Life Builder.

Dosage: 10 ml Liquid KH plus 35 liters of water increase the value of the carbonates of 1 dKH . In the case in which the KH should be increased more than one degree , dilute the dose over several days , so as to increase not more than 1 dKH / day .

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OceanLife Reef KH Carbonates 250ml 
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