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OceanLife Phyto Marine 250ml

OceanLife Phyto Marine 250ml
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Price: 23,54Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: OceanLife Phyto Marine 250ml


And 'now generally recognized that the only symbiosis with zooxanthellae algae is not sufficient to provide all the energy that corals need . Years of experience have shown how the corals that do not receive a sufficient power supply , are subject to a number of very serious problems , including the loss of the fabric from the base of the animal , the massive presence of zooxanthellae in the coral tissue , growth absent or very slow and the serious attacks by the turbellarie . All of these factors can lead our valuable guests to a very fast decay .
E ' was shown as a targeted feeding able to prevent all these problems. Oceanlife offers a range of products designed to give an answer to these needs.

In aquatic ecosystems marine phytoplankton plays a fundamental role . It forms an important link in the food chain , ensuring the flow of matter and energy necessary for the maintenance of heterotrophic animals , which feed on organic matter already developed by other organizations . Phytoplankton is also a major source of fatty acids such as Omega -3 , EPA and DHA .

MARINE PHYTO contains a highly concentrated source of marine phytoplankton enriched with protein, minerals and vitamins. With a size of a few microns , is suitable for many types of coral , such as soft corals, clams , tube worms , sponges and in general all the corals and other animals are able to take advantage of this kind of nourishment.


5 ml per 200 liters tanks in intermediate populated every day or as needed . Adjust the dose based on the population of your aquarium . It is recommended to dose simultaneously 1 or 2 drops of SKIM STOP Omega -3 in order to inhibit the skimming for some time.

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OceanLife Phyto Marine 250ml 
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