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OceanLife Life Snow 250ml

OceanLife Life Snow 250ml
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Price: 17,10Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: OceanLife Life Snow 250ml


The Berliner bases its success on the use of live rock , strong lighting, abundant water movement and filtration entrusted to a skimmer . In this way it creates an environment that simulates what happens in the natural reef , or the removal of pollutants by surface- skimmer and a reduction in non-polar compounds pollutants by live rocks (which are home to an internal collection of microorganisms able to complete the nitrogen cycle ) .

Oceanlife Snow Life is a mixture of various elements, including fine powders of calcium and magnesium . The diameter of the particles ranges from 0.3 to 1.5 uM ( thousandths of a millimeter ) . Dosed daily, helps to neutralize the free acids and creates an environment hostile to slime algae and cyanobacteria.

And ' possible to mix Oceanlife Potassium Boron or to increase its effectiveness.

Immediately after entering the water, you will notice a slight white mist , absolutely harmless to fish and corals , which will fade within a few minutes .

Suitable for tanks of small polyp stony corals (SPS) , large polyp stony (LPS) and soft corals.

Dosed in the evening, a few hours away from sources of food for corals, also showed a tendency to an increase in the rate of growth of small polyp stony corals .


1 to 4 ml per 100 liters daily . Dose preferably in the evening and a few hours away than Oceanlife Ultra Life . Shake immediately before use.

Keep the bottle tightly closed and in case of thickening dilute with water.

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OceanLife Life Snow 250ml 
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Water treatment » Marine Water » OceanLife method

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