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OceanLife Life Carbon 500ml

OceanLife Life Carbon 500ml
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Price: 13,05Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: OceanLife Life Carbon 500ml


Oceanlife Life Carbon is a high quality granular activated carbon produced by physical activation of coconut shells pre- charred .

Thanks to the optimal conformation mesoporous and microporous , can be used in salt water than in fresh water and is particularly effective for continuous removal of organic pollutants ( including substances emitted by stinging corals ) , dyes ( phenol ) , pesticides , medicines, chlorine derivatives and compounds that cause bad odors. And ' conforms to the standard UNI EN ISO 12915 " GAC intended for use for the treatment of water intended for human consumption ."
Wash in pure fresh water before use. Although it is coal with the lowest rate of dust on the market, if not washed in water can release dust .


50 - 80ml of product per 100 liters in stocking or filter as Oceanlife Life Filter Multi adjusted to 20-50 l / h , to be replaced every 30 days , depending on the conditions of the tub.

Chemical and physical characteristics :

Mm particle size . 1.18 to 2.36
Adsorption ( CCL4 Astm3467 ) 70%
Specific surface area (BET - Astm3663 ) 1,250 m² / g
pH ( Astm3838 ) - alkaline

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OceanLife Life Carbon 500ml 
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