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OceanLife DipX 20ml -

OceanLife DipX 20ml -
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Price: 26,84Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Dip X is a natural solution for cleaning corals.
The natural extracts contained within Dip X allow the coral to detach and free from any parasites.
It can be used on SPS, LPS and soft corals, before introduction into the aquarium or if you notice infestations.
It is also very useful in the stages preceding the shipment in the professional field.
It can also be used after cutting to decrease the likelihood of infections.

The cleaning baths must be carried out separately, inside a container of adequate capacity to contain the coral and be able to shake it without damaging it.
Take the right amount of water from the aquarium and mix 2 drops of Dip X for each liter of water.
Submerge the coral and keep it submerged for 5 minutes.
Grasp the coral by the base, so as not to damage it and shake it in the solution to detach the parasites.
It is recommended not to leave the coral for more than 10 minutes in the solution.
After the cleaning cycle, place the coral in an area with adequate water exchange and moderate light, or if the coral was already in the tank, reposition it in its original position.
After treatment, do not reintroduce the water with Dip X into the aquarium.

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OceanLife DipX 20ml - 
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