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OceanLife Color Elements 250ml

OceanLife Color Elements 250ml
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Price: 17,62Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: OceanLife Color Elements 250ml


The Berliner bases its success on the use of live rock , strong lighting, abundant water movement and filtration entrusted to a skimmer . In this way it creates an environment that simulates what happens in the natural reef , or the removal of pollutants by surface- skimmer and a reduction in non-polar compounds pollutants by live rocks (which are home to an internal collection of microorganisms able to complete the nitrogen cycle ) .

Trace elements are essential for many metabolic functions of fish and corals . Often, however , are elements that are quickly oxidized in the aquarium or removed by the filtering of the skimmer .

Color Elements restores the proper levels of the essential trace elements in seawater . These are responsible for improved growth , as well as the spectacular colors of the corals. Also help to prevent disruption to the entire population of the aquarium.

This special formulation makes the permanent and readily available. If these trace elements were deficient and water conditions close to those of natural seawater , since the first dose you will notice a marked improvement in the colors of the corals.

Color Elements contains Lithium, Chromium, Manganese , Molybdenum , Bromine , Zinc, Cadmium, Nickel , Titanium, Vanadium , Zirconium and other minor elements .

To get the best results , we recommend partial water changes on a monthly or weekly basis.


Daily 2 ml per 100 liters tanks for intermediate populated . Dose modification based on actual consumption .

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OceanLife Color Elements 250ml 
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