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OceanLife Amin Extra Powder 25gr

OceanLife Amin Extra Powder 25gr
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Price: 21,29Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: OceanLife Amin Extra Powder 25gr


And 'now generally recognized that the only symbiosis with zooxanthellae algae is not sufficient to provide all the energy that corals need . Years of experience have shown how the corals that do not receive a sufficient power supply , are subject to a number of very serious problems , including the loss of the fabric from the base of the animal , the massive presence of zooxanthellae in the coral tissue , growth absent or very slow and the serious attacks by the turbellarie . All of these factors can lead our valuable guests to a very fast decay .
E ' was shown as a targeted feeding able to prevent all these problems. Oceanlife offers a range of products designed to give an answer to these needs.

For the first time, is placed on the market a coral food based on amino acids in powder form, is AMIN EXTRA Powder. It 'a special and unique nutrition powder made of amino acids designed for the needs of the SPS, LPS and soft. Thanks to his use, corals will receive extra energy and important elements necessary for metabolic processes, enhancing growth and coloration. Combined with CORAL FOOD Powder, provides complete nutrition to maintain healthy and vital corals. Its use also strengthens the defenses of coral against the attacks of pests, making them more resistant.


Dissolve separately 0.4 ml (1 teaspoon) every 100-150 liters 3 or 4 times a week or as needed and determined. The quantity is suitable for tanks intermediate populated. The dosage may vary depending on the population of the tub.

Bathrooms tonics for corals debilitated: 2 ml (5 teaspoons) per liter of water. Duration of bath: 3 hours.

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OceanLife Amin Extra Powder 25gr 
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