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Ocean Nutrition
Ocean Nutrition
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Ocean Nutrition Reef Pulse 120gr

Ocean Nutrition Reef Pulse 120gr
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Price: 22,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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  • Microencapsulated formulated food with probiotic bacteria.
  • Very high HUFA content and DHA/EPA ratio.
  • With probiotic bacteria as a safeguard in case of overfeeding.
  • Microcapsules manufactured using the most advanced food process technologies.
  • Excellent free flowing characteristics. Does not cloud water.
  • Contains a wide range of particle sizes from 30 to 150.
  • Ideal food for corals, polyps and other filter feeding invertebrates.
  • Easy to use by dispersing the product in the water, or for target feeding.
  • Does not cloud the water.

Feeding Instructions: Take a small (50ml) container, fill it halfway with water from the tank, add one spoonful of powder and stir until there are no clumps. Disperse the solution in the water column or target feed with a pipette. Use one spoonful per 30 gallon (120 liter) tank size.Reef Pulse, a high quality coral food powder, is an innovative blend of selected zooplankton and phytoplankton catering to the unique nutritional needs of many SPS and LPS coral species, tube worms and other omnivorous filter feeders. The wide particle size range from 5 to 400 micron makes it an ideal diet for a large variety of coral species (like Euphyllia, Acropora, Montipora, Clavularia, Goniopora, Zoanthids, Scolymia, Dendronephthya, Stylophora, Pocillopora, Seriatopora, Xenia, Anthelia, Echinopora, Alveopora, Leptastrea, Chalice,…). They will show faster growth and more intense coloration, when fed regularly with Reef Pulse.

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Ocean Nutrition Reef Pulse 120gr 
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