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Nyos Active Elements 250ml

Nyos Active Elements 250ml
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Price: 16,38Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Nyos Active Elements 250ml



The trace elements have an important function as "building blocks" of life
Seawater contains about 70diversi trace elements if the water in your aquarium is not supported by a sufficient addition of trace elements in corals avrano growth stopped, pale colors and loss of tissue.
It is therefore not sufficient to carry out regular water changes to compensate for the lack of trace elements, for this reason has developed the Nyos Nyos ACTIVE.
Your corals and invertebrates can enjoy the benefits of trace elements, made by professional products sviliuppati in a long period of research.
Increase in intensive growth and coloration of your corals.
Maximum bio availability
Developed in long-term studies tested by famous breeders of corals.
They contain the purest raw materials with very low values ​​of phosphates, nitrates and sulphates.
Prevent symptoms of deficiency in trace elemnti
They do not contain hazardous chelating
Nyos ACTIVE ELEMENTS enhances reds, violets and greens of your corals.
It contains, among other elements, iron, potassium, cobalt, mangamese, zinc, nickel and chromium.
5ml oni 100l per week. Start with 50% of the recommended dosage.

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Nyos Active Elements 250ml 
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