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Newa Mirabello 30 LED Black

Newa Mirabello 30 LED Black
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Price: 78,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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AQUARIUS FIRST COMPLETE INSTALLATION: pump, heater and ventilation system are housed nell'effi? Ective? Filter, while the lighting system is incorporated into the cover, perfectly isolated from the water.
DIMENSIONS: the sleek design and refined? Born Mirabello NEWA allows to perfectly fit any decor highlighting the splendor of the natural scenery in it hosted.
2 FILTERS FOR A MAXIMUM OF FILTERING EFFICIENCY: NEWA Mirabello features both an effi? Cient fi? Lter interior with interchangeable cartridges, both the compact and? Fficiente fi? Lter NEWA Duetto. Thanks to the latter, in addition to the common three-stage fi? Filtration (mechanical, chemical and biological), NEWA Mirabello adds a 4th which may be intended to include resins or other materials? Ltranti. The pump? Filter is equipped with flow control and built-in ventilation system.
EASY CLEANING AND MAINTENANCE: just open the aquarium lid to access all the parts of the? Filter.
SAFE AND RELIABLE: bath in crystal of 4 mm thick, sealed with high quality silicone. Each tank and electrical accessory is checked, tested and manufactured to the highest international standards for safety.

Cover in shockproof materials in perfect hermetic seal and equipped with a special ventilation grille for the proper supply of oxygen. Lighting system with standards, perfectly isolated from the water. A practical opening allows the administration of the food and the application of an automatic feeder.
Submersible pump-filter with adjustable flow deflector with adjustable output, built-in ventilation system and self-protected from abnormal heating pump running dry or blocked rotor.
Container for the inclusion of particular filter materials (resins, coal, zeolite, etc ...) or be used to enhance biological filtration. It can accommodate a sponge, razor clams or other media suitable bacterial engraftment. It is easily extracted together with the pump.
BioFoam ™
MechaniChem ™
automatic heater Completely submersible aquarium NEWA Therm echo. Ideal to set and maintain the correct temperature in the safety and economy. Designed and built to work long in marine or freshwater aquariums. sensitive and reliable thermostat that maintains a constant temperature.

BioFoam ™ is a special sponge occurrence of the fi? Lter organic. The helpful bacteria settle with ease and speed. It is extracted with two fingers being an interchangeable cartridge provided with appropriate support.
MechaniChem ™ is a special interchangeable cartridge occurrence of the fi? Lter mechanical and chemical. The extraordinary power fi? Lter is implemented by two layers of fabric with microporous activated carbon inside. The special inner structure with "inclined planes" facilitates the contact of water with the activated carbon. It is very economical and easy to remove. It should be replaced every 30-40 days.

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Newa Mirabello 30 LED Black 
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