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Newa Aqua Media Filter Anti-Nitrate 140gr

Newa Aqua Media Filter Anti-Nitrate 140gr
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Price: 11,57Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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NEWA Aqua ANTI-NITRATE is a unique resin capable of selectively removing nitrates in the aquarium.

In each aquarium to maintain and preserve the physical and chemical characteristics of the water and 'efficient filtering action is required, effective and comprehensive.
This fundamental process is accomplished in three moments defined: mechanical action, biological and chemical. Only through the use of filter elements with high quality, specifically designed and developed for this purpose, you can have the assurance and peace of mind to recreate an underwater environment healthy and suitable to accommodate our friends.

Its particular structure of Newa Aqua Anti-Nitrate maximum contact with the water, optimizing the performance and durability (up to 6 months). The practical resealable jar and waterproof maintains its characteristics over time.

The chemical filtration is a 'filtering action very special and essential to eliminate from' water some substances resulting from mechanical and biological actions, or compounds conveyed by 'drinking water (chlorine, phosphates, nitrates) or more, residues of drugs used for the fish care or, more simply, the pigments that make it seem harmless' s water amber (phenols).

The package contains 2 bags of 70g each useful to treat up to 100 liters of 'water.

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Newa Aqua Media Filter Anti-Nitrate 140gr 
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