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NatureLine Decor Tropical Wood cm30x25x20h

NatureLine Decor Tropical Wood cm30x25x20h
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Price: 14,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Product: NatureLine Decor Tropical Wood cm30x25x20h


Furniture 100% natural for your aquarium. It fits perfectly with the contrast of the green plants, still beautiful even alone, to create beautiful tropical environments.

Roots and natural woods are usually very helpful with some species of fish, such as some species of catfish (the most common catfish) gnaw the roots as they contain natural enzymes that facilitate the digestion process.

The special structure of honeycomb 'bee holes allows an ideal refuge for the inhabitants of' aquarium, protecting them from predators and offers the 'opportunity to lay their eggs.

Its composition provides a fertile ground for the 'attachment of mosses.


the 'tannic acid content in natural woods can give a brown color of' water. To reduce to a minimum quest 'just in case it is advisable to keep the product to soak for at least two weeks.

We do not recommend boiling the wood and roots as it should be to undermine the 'ecological balance of the product resulting in damage to' habita of 'aquarium.

As these products are absolutely natural and organic products, each item is unique and different from each other and the size may vary a few inches from subject to subject.

Neutral in water, does not alter the values ​​of 'aquarium and is harmless to shrimp, crabs, etc..

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NatureLine Decor Tropical Wood cm30x25x20h 
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