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JBL NanoCrabs - Staple food chips for dwarf crayfish in nano aquariums – 30g

JBL NanoCrabs - Staple food chips for dwarf crayfish in nano aquariums – 30g
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Price: 3,65Euro [TaxInc]
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Product: JBL NanoCrabs - Staple food chips for dwarf crayfish in nano aquariums – 30g


  • Hard mini-chips for crustaceans with pincers.
  • Mainly vegetable ingredients ensure problem-free shedding of the shell.
  • Stable in water for up to 24 hours, i.e. do not immediately disintegrate in water 
  • With high cellulose content, needed to build up chitin shell.
  • Also suitable for marine crustaceans. 


Specially developed for very small aquariums, the Nano range by JBL meets the specific needs of nano aquariums and provides professional care to meet the particular needs of the inhabitants of the aquarium.

Although in principle mini-aquariums are subject to the same laws of biology as their bigger brothers, the care of very small aquariums requires special attention. Due to the small volume of water, imbalances can very quickly arise, which can be avoided by the specially adapted care products and food range from the JBL Nano series.


Professional nutrition for dwarf crayfish in nano aquariums

JBL NanoCrabs food chips are made in a special production process. The ingredients, size and structure are specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of decapod dwarf crayfish (z. B. Camberellus etc.). A large proportion of high-fibre herbs and other leaf material, together with proteins from shrimp and fish reflect the natural nutritional requirements of these typical omnivores, which also enjoy eating high-fibre plant material. This guarantees healthy shell growth and problem-free shedding of the shell. The chips are stable in water and quickly sink to the floor, preventing any unnecessary water pollution despite the slow feeding rate of these animals. Stabilised vitamin C and other vitamins promote resistance to diseases.


Ingredients: Cereals, shrimp, vegetable protein extract, vegetables (incl. 1 % garlic), algae, fish, vegetable by-products, squid, yeast, spices, lecithin, vitamin premix.


Feeding recommendations: Feed 1 chip per animal per day. Since the chips are stable for up to 24 hours, without disintegrating, one or two chips which are not eaten are not a problem.


Analysis: Crude protein: 37 %; Crude fat: 5 %; Fibre: 10 %; Ash / Minerals: 12 %


Cod. 2318000


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JBL NanoCrabs - Staple food chips for dwarf crayfish in nano aquariums – 30g 
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