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Modern Reef
Modern Reef
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Modern Reef Water Analisi Pro Duo

Modern Reef Water Analisi Pro Duo
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Price: 45,16Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Reef aquarium lab, ICP, and IC water analysis with osmosis. 52 parameters of reef aquarium and 50 parameters of osmosis water (total 102 parameters). Here is where reef aquarium biology, chemistry, and technology meet, combined with the most intellectual, easy-to-read website that you will ever find. Our website system will solve any anomaly and guide you to a better result based on your reef aquarium. In other words, our water analysis is not only meant to fix a problem, but it’s also to achieve goals based on your aquarium setup, equipment used, reef aquarium type, and the water analysis results. Our system will find a “correction” dosage for parameters, maintenance dosage for elements, pollutants and help you decide if your equipment or products should be stopped or added to your reef aquarium. Our intelligent system also offers a help section called “Anomalies” with multi-task semi-automated management to keep track of all your tasks suggested by our lab. We can test for up to 52 parameters, including KH, high-resolution salinity test, nutrients, pollutants, and water clarity, to take the most advantage of your illumination, only offered by Modern Reef Lab. Our two extensive laboratories consist of more than ICP machines; we use IC-Chromatography and other modern laboratory equipment and methods to back up results. We can deliver water analysis results within 24 hours thanks to our several machines per method. You also have the option to track live the status of your sample online and scan your QR code to avoid typing mistakes. Our laboratory is operational 24/7 to ensure fast results, and we consider all our samples a priority number one without an additional cost.

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Modern Reef Water Analisi Pro Duo 
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