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Modern Reef
Modern Reef
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Modern Reef Professional Reef Salt 10kg

Modern Reef Professional Reef Salt 10kg
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Price: 62,17Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Designed to meet the special requirements of modern reefing using pure, fast-dissolving pharmaceutical-grade salts. Contains all trace elements found in the natural seawater with a small secret tweak used by Euro Corals for years. A perfectly-balanced reef salt that will promote better calcification, growth, and colouration to all corals. Ideal to start a new reef aquarium, reduce unwanted heavy metals, or for regular partial water change to help export organic pollutants, phenols, humic substances and nettle poisons produced by some corals or other organisms. It contains a very low uncritical amount of no3 and po4 that will reduce “shock” with bigger water changes. Can be used in systems with a calcium reactor but it is designed mainly for balling methods. Always lab and ICP tested for quality control. How to use: Always add the salt to the water, never the water to the salt! Add 35ml (approx 38-39g) per liter to the water at around 24-25c. After is fully dissolved and clear, measuring the salinity. Keep adding small amounts of salt if needed until you reach 1.026sg (34.50ppt). Basic Parameters: Alkalinity (KH) 7.2-8dKH, Calcium (Ca) 420-440ppm and Magnesium (Mg) 1350-1380ppm.


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Modern Reef Professional Reef Salt 10kg 
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