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Modern Reef
Modern Reef
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Modern Reef CyanoCleaner 100ml

Modern Reef CyanoCleaner 100ml
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Price: 38,77Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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The quickest and safest way to remove all types of cyanobacteria. Works by oxidizing organic sludge and promotes an ideal enzyme balance.



Finishes the job within 48 hours



Completely safe for all fish, invertebrates, and coral



Will not harm nitrifying bacteria



Dosage: Turn off/remove carbon filtration, UV, skimmer, and ozone. Dose 10ml for each 100L when the aquarium light turns off. After 48 hours, turn on/resume skimmer and all others. Skimmer overskiming is normal after treatment, reduce skimming and empty/clean cup regularly. 100ml will treat up to 1000L.






IMPORTANT! Monitor oxygen and pH levels during treatment. We suggest pointing a powerhead to the surface and/or add air stone to maximize gas exchange.




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Modern Reef CyanoCleaner 100ml 
is in the Categories:

Home » Water treatment » Marine Water » Modern Reef Method

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