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Modern Reef
Modern Reef
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Modern Reef N+ 1000ml

Modern Reef N+ 1000ml
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Price: 38,77Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Provide your modern reef with nitrogen essential to great growth and colour, with non to very minimal unwanted by-products. A special mix of purified nitrogen formula to avoid some of the side-effects of other similar supplements, such as elevated sodium and potassium.

  • Non to very minimal unwanted by-products
  • Will assist in reducing and controlling phosphate

  • Colour and growth improvement in nitrogen-limited reef aquariums.








Start by adding 1 ml per 100 liters /1 drop per 5 litters




Test nitrate every 4 days, and adjust dose accordingly until the target level is reached




Do not increase the dose by more than 1ml per 100 liters daily within a 4 day time period




We recommend maintaining nitrate levels between 5ppm – 10ppm




Concentration: 1ml/100L of aquarium water add 1 ppm of nitrate.




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Modern Reef N+ 1000ml 
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Home » Water treatment » Marine Water » Modern Reef Method

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