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Microbe-Lift Coral Food LPS 150ml/100gr

Microbe-Lift Coral Food LPS 150ml/100gr
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Price: 13,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Special complete food with live bacteria cultures for optimal nutrition of all LPS corals and invertebrates.

The contained phospho-lipids, amino acids, vitamins, trace elements, minerals and other important ingredients improve the growth and the coloring in all marine corals and invertebrates.

Features and Benefits:

    Improves the growth and natural coloring
    Contains highly available trace elements and minerals
    Rich in natural amino acids and proteins
    High levels of beta-carotene
    Contains live bacteria cultures
    Size: minigranules 0,7-1,4mm
    Capacity: 130ml (70g)

MICROBE-LIFT / Coral Food LPS (ML / CFL) does not contain Spirulina (genus of the cyano bacteria), low-grade fish meal and is free of artificial antioxidants and preservatives.

Saccharomyces cerevisiae - extracts, vegetable protein extracts, natural amino acid concentrate, carbohydrates, molluscs & crustaceans (5% squid).

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 71%, crude fat 3.3%, crude fiber 1.8%, ash 4.5%, moisture 6%

Nutritional additives per kg:
1x10 ° KBE4d1712 (intestine flora stabilizer), Pediococcus acidilactici CNCM MA 18/5 M

We also recommend MICROBE-LIFT / Phyto-Plus A / B and Zoo-Plus for natural, varied and healthy diet. Always look for good water quality and avoid overfeeding your animals.

Add 1x daily scoop per 100L. The dosage may vary depending on stock. Hint: For controlled feeding of  your LPS corals use a feed tube or pipette food and give it directly to your animals.

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Microbe-Lift Coral Food LPS 150ml/100gr 
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