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JBL Manado Package Substrate for the Fund from - 25 liters

JBL Manado Package Substrate for the Fund from - 25 liters
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Price: 26,45Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL Manado Package Substrate for the Fund from - 25 liters

Product description:

Gone are the days when a substrate was to be only decorative. Following an intensive period of research and development, and grueling trials, JBL has Manado, a substrate that in its highly porous surface improves water quality (promoting bacterial flora) and plant growth.

Manado also works as a "rechargeable battery" because excess nutrients are stored in the substrate. Many experiments have shown that a reduction of nutrients in the water reduces the growth of algae without affecting the plants, since they can take nutrients through the roots.

Other advantages: the color "laterite" JBL Manado makes fish less nervous and allows them to show the most intense colors, beautiful the contrast with the colors of the leaves of plants. The sensory barbels many fish fund shall not be damaged by rounded granules.

A very important element in relation to other similar products is that JBL Manado not dangerously reduces the value of the carbonate hardness (KH) and therefore helps to stabilize the pH.

It can be used alone or over a fund traditional breeding

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JBL Manado Package Substrate for the Fund from - 25 liters 
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