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Lucky Reptile
Lucky Reptile
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Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat 14w cm28x28

Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat 14w cm28x28
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Price: 20,89Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Like ceramic heat emitters, the Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat emitsinfrared radiation which heats objects and animals fromwithin. The heat mats have two advantages for the animals;first, they heat objects, e.g. stones and createwarm spots for the animals to heat up and second,they heat the animals directly. The infrared radiation ofthe heat mat penetrates the skin of the animals andcreates a cozy warmth. Animals love to be in the effectiverange of a heat mat. Another advantage is thatthis type of heat mat only has little influence on the airtemperature inside your terrarium.Installation is easy thanks to the adhesive tape on theback of the heat mat. Due to the emitted infrared radiation,they can also be attached at the side walls or the ceilingof the terrarium instead of the bottom. The special design of theThermo Mat allows for optimal heat transfer and reduces the risk of overheating which iscommon problem when used as floor heater.

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Lucky Reptile Thermo Mat 14w cm28x28 
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Home » Reptiles » Tecnics » Heaters and foggers

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