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Lucky Reptile
Lucky Reptile
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Lucky Reptile ProVit 60gr

Lucky Reptile ProVit 60gr
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Price: 10,25Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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PRO Vit is a vitamin supplement that has been tailored to the needs of reptiles and amphibians in cooperation with a renowned institute for animal nutrition. Thanks to a meaningful combination and selection of ingredients PRO Vit covers the requirements of herbivorous and carnivorous reptiles likewise.

Apart from all vital vitamins PRO Vit also contains other important ingredients like minerals, trace elements and essential amino acids. A lot of vitamin supplements refrain for costs reasons from using these vital and important ingredients.

The calcium phosphor ratio is 4:1 to compensate the unfavorable ratio of green food and most feeding insects. Using high quality ingredients guarantees a high bio availability and good utilization by the animals.

PRO Vit is a very adhesive powder and excellent to dust feeding insects with. For optimal care of your animals use PRO Vit 2-3 times a week over the food or feeding insects. Please consider the dosage instructions!

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Lucky Reptile ProVit 60gr 
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