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AGP Linea Unica KH Plus 250gr

AGP Linea Unica KH Plus 250gr
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Price: 11,07Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Source of carbonated powder to increase hardness levels


AGP KH + was produced with salts in purity analysis and was born to increase and maintain the alkalinity and pH of marine aquarium stable.
AGP KH + meets the high requirements of both borates and carbonates in the barrier aquarium. For a good chemical balance in the aquarium it is recommended to maintain a pH between 8.0 and 8.3 and a KH between 8.0 ° and 11.0 ° (dkH).
The purity of the product results in no precipitations and suspensions or turbidity being formed in the melting process, so it is perfectly usable both in Balling systems and dosimetric pumps.


Dissolve only the required amount of product in osmosis or deionized water, considering that 3ml of KH + in 100L of aquarium water increases by 1 dKH.

This new formula thanks to borate balancing, stabilizes KH and pH more, their presence requires a longer mixing; Once the clear solution is obtained, pour into the aquarium in a zone of strong movement.

If there is a high need to divide into multiple doses. It is advisable to perform a KH value test weekly.

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AGP Linea Unica KH Plus 250gr 
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Home » Water treatment » Marine Water » Powder additives

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