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AGP Linea Unica Coral Complex Micro 100ml

AGP Linea Unica Coral Complex Micro 100ml
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Price: 21,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Coral Complex Micro is a formulated liquid for nourishment by filtration or contact of all soft corals and SPS but also for LPS.
Thanks to the content of particular amino acids and trace elements:

- stimulates bright colors and growth of Zoanthus, Ricordea, Clavularia, Anthelia, etc .;
- Increases the formation of sponges and organisms such as Tunicates;
- Increases calcification of hard skeleton corals;
- it nourishes the coral and strengthens the tissue until it stops situations like pulls and bleaching (but not necrosis).

In periods of stress or strong growth, Coral Complex Micro provides corals with immediate availability of easily assimilable amino acids and carbohydrates. It can be paired with other products on the UNICA line, making sure never to exceed the recommended dosage, otherwise, in the case of SPS, a darkening of the fabric may occur.

Coral Complex Micro can also be used in coral feed supplements in bacterial control systems.

Use and dosage: Shake before use. Add 6 ml of Micro Coral Complex every 100 liters, twice a week (14 drops correspond to 1 ml).
Pour directly into the aquarium in a zone of strong motion, making sure that the pipette does not come into contact with water to avoid possible contamination of the product.

Close the bottle well after use and store in a cool, dry place.

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AGP Linea Unica Coral Complex Micro 100ml 
is in the Categories:

Home » Food » Food for Corals » Vitamins
Water treatment » Marine Water » Liquid Additives

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