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Life Glo II Neon T5 54 Watt 6700 k 115cm

Life Glo II Neon T5 54 Watt 6700 k 115cm
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Price: 29,73Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Life Glo II Neon T5 54 Watt 6700 °k


The advertised price is equivalent to 15watt, for others will be notified each time

The new lamps LIFE GLO2 of Askoll, maintain the characteristics of strong power and a good light for the needs of plants, fish and a better view of the aquarium.

2 big advantages:

Costs are considerably reduced and universal mount, which make them applicable to all aquariums.
LIFE GLO2 in lamps is a concentrated full spectrum of light as white light of the sun, which is playing great intensity, capable of bringing enlightenment also serves on the bottom of aquariums and in every corner of the terrarium-tanks.

Main features:

Light penetrating to the bottom of the tank; emission of white light, natural, suitable for aquariums and terracquari, and reproduction of the white light of the midday sun. For this LIFE GLO2 stimulates the process of photosynthesis in plants, the spread algae.

To this is added the double life tri-phosphor compared to traditional ones, the lighting quick and easy thanks to its high quality, and excellent color temperature, the closest to sunlight.

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Life Glo II Neon T5 54 Watt 6700 k 115cm 
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