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Korallen Zucht Coral Snow - 250 ml

Korallen Zucht Coral Snow - 250 ml
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Price: 28,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Korallen Zucht Coral Snow - 250 ml


Pohl's Coral Snow is a brand new additive designed to help the development of hard coral polyps in small and large, clams, and also to solve many common problems in reef aquaria
Coralsnow be used as "means of liquid carried away" and catalyst for substances such as B - Balance, K-balance, Pohl's Vitalizer, amino acids and is compatible with all substances.

Coralsnow contains among other things, a natural mixture of calcium and carbonate nagnesio in optimal shape for the absorption by the SPS (2.5 micron)
We recommend determination Coralsnow every day, always in addition to another item.
Put in a glass the right amount of Coralsnow and then the other food you are determined, after about 5 minutes, where you msica items, Slowly pour the contents of the glass in a tank, in an area of current flow.

Dose, daily, from 1 to 4 ml, a maximum of Coralsnow per 100 liters of water for your aquarium.
Coralsnow neutralizes unwanted substances and solves many problems in the bathtub, even those of unwanted algae, cyanobacteria. To counter these problems dosed one drop of ZEObak Coralsnow in addition to every 100 liters of water for at least two days to at least the attainment of the objective desired.
Any turbidity in the water is not dangerous neither to fish nor to the most delicate corals.

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Korallen Zucht Coral Snow - 250 ml 
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