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Kent Marine
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Kent Superbuffer dKH 250 grams

Kent Superbuffer dKH 250 grams
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Price: 8,93Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Kent Superbuffer 250 grams


Kent Superbuffer-dKH is an amplifier of pH and alkalinity inolzatore carbonate hardness (KH), designed to adjust the pH of aquarium water to the Marian value of 8.0 - 8.3 and the KH inolzare.
Superbuffer-dKH is the finest available erected powder and has the advantage of not creating opacity or turbidity of the water.
Do not flake on your corals as other products but are creating serious problems! Compatible and designed for use with Kalkwasser mix, the calcium liquid concentrate, or Turbo-Calcium by Kent.


Dissolve one teaspoon of Superbuffer-dKH recipiante in a glass of fresh water.
Add directly into the aquarium or sump for each (80 liters) of aquarium capacity each day until desired pH and alkalinity (carbonate hardness or KH).
Wait 1 hour to remeasure alkalinity, but wait 24/48 hours for pH to stabilize.
This product is designed for reefs and may be usatoanche only fish in saltwater aquariums.

Considerations for use:

A pH of 8.0 - to 8.3 and alkalinity in 8 - 11 dKH are recommended dKH and 9.5 are optimal.
When the pH is achieved alcalinita'saranno, use 2 times a week and perform the checks.
Using the essential weekly (Essential Elements) of Kent to provide adequate trace minerals.
Kent Marine Zoe added with the food supply necessary vitamins.
Of corals in the aquarium, use Kent Kalkwasser mix, the calcium liquid concentrate, or Turbo-Calcium to provide calcium and strontium and the additional Turbo-Strontium and Molybdenum Strontium to provide necessary for invertebrates.


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Kent Superbuffer dKH 250 grams 
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