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Juwel automatic feeder

Juwel automatic feeder
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Price: 18,60Euro [TaxInc]
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Prodotto: Juwel automatic feeder


L'immagine “” non può essere visualizzata poiché contiene degli errori. The Juwel automatic feeder is suitable for all aquariums. It is supplied with a template holder that fits within the Juwel flap sets. All aquariums are now supplied with a press out section in the flap to take the feeder. If yours is the older style and does not have the press out section then please use the feeder template to cut a suitable hole or alternatively purchase a new flap set with the pre-cut hole from your Juwel supplier.
The template holder has a feeder cover which can be closed whilst the feeder is not in use and opened when required.
To install the feeder please follow these instructions.

1. If your flap set has a removable section simply press this out. On older style flaps without this please select the position of the feeder and cut this section out using a suitable implement.
2. Place the template holder supplied over the hole.
3. Remove the feeder flap from the template holder.
4. Position the Juwel automatic feeder with the food dispenser over the feeding hole.

Note: Flap sets for Juwel automatic feeder.
If the flap set on your Juwel aquarium does not have the feeder template marked on it we recommend that you contact your supplying retailer.
An original Juwel flap set with the appropriate feeder template can be purchased as a spare part.


The JUWEL automatic feeder enables you to program up to two feeds per day.
When setting up the feeder please consider the timing carefully, the first feed will happen when you turn the feeder on and then subsequently every 24 hours at that set time. If you select a second feed this will happen automatically 6 hours after the first and again will repeat this cycle every 24 hours. Please consider this timing to avoid feeding the fish when the lights are out.
Start by placing the AA batteries that are included with your Juwel Automatic feeder into battery compartment E.
Push the "ON/OFF" button. A red LED will illuminate to confirm this operation.
The first feed is activated by turning on the feeder and is confirmed by a Green LED which will initially flash and then stay on. At this point an actual feeding will take place and the time is set for subsequent feeds at 24 hour intervals until turned off.
If you require a second feeding, push the "SET" button.
A yellow LED starts flashing and subsequently illuminates. This indicates that you have set the JUWEL automatic feeder to two feedings. A first feeding will now take place at the set time and a second feeding will take place 6 hours after the first feeding on all following days.
(Example: Activation at 9 a.m., feedings at 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.)
If you wish to switch back to one feeding, press the "SET" button one more time or switch off the automatic feeder prior to switching it back on.
Control panel:
ON/OFF: Switches the automatic feeder ON/OFF
SET: Selecting the feeding time and programme start
Green LED: 1 release of feed within 24 hours

The release of feed takes place at the time of the initial programme activation and then exactly 24 hours on all following days.
Yellow LED: 2 releases of feed within 24 hours
The first release of feed takes place at the time of the initial programme activation, the second feeding follows after 6 hours. This cycle is repeated every 24 hours.
Please set the programme in such a manner that the JUWEL automatic feeder releases the feed while your lights are on.
M: Manual feed release
Push the "M" button in order to release additional feed or to test the functionality.
Batteries: If the batteries have been replaced or removed, the JUWEL automatic feeder will need to be re-programmed.
If no LEDs are illuminated, please check the batteries for proper installation or replace them.


1. Pull container C to the outside
2. Remove cover A and insert feed. The feed should not be compressed in order to ensure its even release.
3. Close the container with cover A and re-insert the container in such a manner that it audibly clicks into position.
4. As detailed in "Installation", please place the automatic feeder above the opening of the feeder hole.
It is possible to connect the JUWEL automatic feeder to an air pump in order to keep the food dry.

Adjusting the feed quantity:You may adjust the quantity of food released by means of controller B.
Service and Maintenance of the JUWEL Automatic Feeder:
The JUWEL automatic feeder requires very little maintenance. You should clean feed container C and the surrounding area at regular intervals. When replacing the batteries, check the contacts are clean and dry.

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Juwel automatic feeder 
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