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Jajale Wireless Wave Maker Pump LBS-30

Jajale Wireless Wave Maker Pump LBS-30
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Price: 93,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Circulation pump with high performance and high customization possibilities; it has been designed to simulate the waves and currents in nature.

A correct and constant movement of water, especially in a marine aquarium, is of vital importance to avoid accumulation of debris, to improve oxygenation and to promote the feeding of invertebrates.

Each tank is a separate world, therefore the following indications are only rough suggestions to be adapted according to your tastes and needs to the actual configuration of your aquarium.

Place the pump on a smooth glass, ideally on the short side and direct the pump to the opposite side to encourage the onset of reflection waves.

If there is sand in the tub, avoid placing the pump too close to the bottom to prevent the vortices from moving. Place the pump at a recommended depth of at least 15 cm to prevent air being sucked into the impeller. This, in addition to causing an unpleasant sound and visual effect, would significantly reduce the life of the impeller due to the vibrations generated

The wave maker is designed to stimulate natural undulation and movement of water in marine and freshwater aquariums.

• Powerful pump with relatively low power minimizes heat recovered

• Safe voltage of 12 V

• Possibility to adjust the flow direction on the pump’s housing

• Suitable for aquarium glass thickness up to 10 mm

Operation of the controller:

  • P mode: wave mode; adjustable pulses and speeds; turn the knob to change the duration and frequency of the pulses; clockwise to increase the duration (thus decreasing the frequency); counter-clockwise to do exactly the opposite.
  • SW Mode: Sinusoidal Wave; the pump passes from the minimum flow to the maximum flow, following a regular course (of perfectly alternating increase and decrease) whose duration and frequency can be set by turning the knob.
  • T Mode: simulation of the tides; the pump passes from the minimum to the maximum flow randomly. This creates a variable flow inside the tank. Therefore it is not possible to adjust the length or the frequency of the waves; it is only necessary to set the maximum capacity.
  • OC mode: oceanic wave motion; this mode creates a random flow that increases and decreases very slowly in terms of speed and duration. This is perhaps the flow that most resembles natural conditions.
  • C Mode: constant non-variable flow maintaining the selected speed
  • A Mode: in this mode you can manually set (in addition to speed) the duration of the periods of activity and inactivity of the pump: turning the knob (clockwise) increases the time interval in which you want the pump to work set speed (speed that remains constant), after this time the pump remains inactive for an equally long time.
  • "10 min" mode: this is basically the feeding mode during which the pump switches off for ten minutes to feed the animals. To activate this function, press the "Speed ​​/ 10min" button for about 3 seconds; when the function is active, an LED lights up in correspondence with the "10 min" symbol. After ten minutes the pump will resume operation according to the previous settings. To resume the pump in advance, simply hold down the "Speed ​​/ 10min" button again.
  • "Lock" mode: in order to avoid accidentally changing the settings, simply press the "Link / Lock" button for 5 seconds until an LED lights up in correspondence with the lock symbol. To unlock and then be able to change the settings, press the same button again for 5 seconds.
  • "Night" mode: through the appropriate button the brightness sensor is activated, which detects the amount of light present in the environment and, at the right moment (when the external brightness is very low), reduces the pump flow to a minimum, regardless of the previously set speed

Master / Slave mode:

by pressing the "Link" button you can decide if the controller, in the presence of other Jajale pumps with Wireless controller, must act independently (LED off) or as Master / Slave (LED lit in correspondence, respectively, of "M" and "S "); if the Master mode is set, the controller transmits the settings configured on it to the Slaves; if, on the other hand, the Slave mode is selected, the controller can not be activated in any way, only the settings active on the Master will be applied.

Technical specifications:

  •     Input: AC100-240V 50 / 60Hz
  •     Maximum capacity: 9000 L / h
  •     Maximum consumption: 30w
  •     Maximum temperature of use: 35 ° C
  •     For glasses with a maximum thickness of 12mm

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Jajale Wireless Wave Maker Pump LBS-30 
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