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ADA 104 - 101 - Iron Bottom

ADA 104 - 101 - Iron Bottom
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Price: 19,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Prodotto: ADA 104 - 101 - Iron Bottom


Each type of aquatic plant in the Nature Aquarium has its own unique characteristics. In particular, Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne are two species of aquatic plants which absorb their necessary nutrients from their roots. Sufficient nutrition in the substrate is therefore necessary for their healthy growth.

Iron Bottom is an easily applied fertilizer supplement, which provide necessary elements for the growth or aquatic plants. In the solid form of sticks, it contains various nutrients and is coated with trace elements, particularly iron. Iron Bottom is vital during the early stages after planting or when the plants are mature and densely grown. The slowly dissolving sticks maintain a gentle and constant supply of nutrition to the roots. Normal type is the recommended size for 60cm medium-sized aquariums. Long type far larger aquariums or densely planted tanks.

Dosage and instruction:

  • Apply one stick for every 15 x 15cm area 01 substrate. (8 sticks for the standard 60cm aquarium).
  • Insert stick until it is completely buried into the substrate. Place at a distance from the roots of aquatic plants. BOTTOM RELEASE (optional), makes this process quick and easy.
  • For larger aquariums, IRON BOTTOM LONG is recommended. The nutritional effects of IRON BOTTOM last for 2 – 4 months. When replacing, insert the new sticks in different spots from the previous time, as there may be some remaining nutrients.
  • The use of BACTER BALL is recommended to stimulate nutrient absorption.
  • Far liquid fertilizers use the GREEN BRIGHTY Series.
  • If a stick is protruding from the substrate, it may cause water-cloudiness or algae development. Keep fertilizer stick inserted deep in the substrate.
  • The outbreak of algae would not be caused by IRON BOTTOM when it is used properly. Should algae infestation occur, instead of removing the sticks from the substrate, change water constantly and apply GREEN BACTER or GREEN GAIN to improve water conditions.
  • Store in a cool and dark place. White powder may appear on unused sticks. This will not effect their performance.


Before the installation of this product, make sure to read the instruction manual carefully end understand all or its directions. Please keep instruction manual even alter reading it and refer back to it when needed.
For Aquarium use only. This product is designed only to maintain freshwater aquatic plants and tropical fish in an aquarium. Improper or negligent use of this product may result in serious bodily harm and damage of property Be sure lo use this product only according to the manufacturer’s instruction
DO NOT mix with other manufacturers products.
ALWAYS diligently observe the recommended dosage.
DO NOT add medicines or chemical to this product. NEVER mix this product with any material other than those in the instruction manual.
Due to the unpredictable nature or and their inhabitants, ADA shall not be responsible to any disease, death, end/or withering/death o/ aquatic plants.
PLEASE NOTE THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION. If accidentally ingested, immediately induce vomiting and consult a physician.

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ADA 104 - 101 - Iron Bottom 
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