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Hydor Smart Level Control

Hydor Smart Level Control
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Price: 74,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Hydor Smart Level Control


Smart is the new Level versatile fully electronic level controller designed by Hydor. Smart Level safely and easily handles the level of 'water aquariums and sump due to' evaporation. Easy to use because it designed to be used in many different conditions that freshwater aquariums and sea require. Calcar, film and bacterial surface movement, they are not a problem for the continuous, safe and regular Smart Level over time.

The controller is equipped with 4 LEDs:

Green: signaling system in operation
red: alarm signal
Blue: Maximum level of 'water
Blue: minimum level of 'water

The sensor is divided into 3 areas:

sensitive area maximum level
sensitive area level work
sensitive area minimum level


Fully electronic.
Double visual and audible alarm to reveal any malfunctions.
A low voltage.
Not sensitive to the surface movements of 'water.
Support magnetoventosa included: easy positioning, for glass up to 10mm.
For freshwater and marine
Cable length of 2m Power requirements
Maximum load 50W


through the electronic sensor, the system Smart Level Control, monitors in a precise way the level of 'water in sump or aquarium, keeping it above a level MIN and below a level MAX.

When the level of 'water drops below the level MIN is active topping up to the MAX level.

When activated, the sensor immediately stops ALARM topping and an audible alarm.

Information Management and LED alarms:

Water level alarm: when the level of 'water should reach the level ALARM (beyond the level MAX), the' power of the fill pump is disconnected, all LEDs will light and an audible alarm will activate (short-term a rapid repetition) up to the level does not fall below the level ALARM
Time exceeded topping limit: the system is provided with a time control of topping 10 minute limit, within which, if the level of MAX is not reached, it is disabled the 'power of the pump, turned off the LEDs MIN, MAX, ALARM activated and an audible alarm; this could occur in the case where the fill pump is running dry or if the Filling takes place in a time greater than 10 minutes limit. Intervenes when this kind of circumstance, Smart Level Control will block and requires a reboot.

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Hydor Smart Level Control 
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