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Hydor Skimmer Performer 120/550

Hydor Skimmer Performer 120/550
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Price: 239,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Product: Hydor Skimmer Performer 120/550


Elegant and easy to use , the new range Performer is made of 100% acrylic to ensure perfect bonding , the result of machining with CNC machines. O-ring seal on each : neck , exhaust, etc joints . Hand-assembled and tested at 100%. Complete package: pump / and skimming , silicone tubing for air, special control system with exhaust silencing system of aspiration . The pumps are equipped with a skimming system lubrication and cooling and rotor brush Rotormix .

low fuel consumption and low noise
circulation of 'water skimming and super efficient
o- ring seal on the neck and regulation of discharges in height
high possibility to adapt to the various type of possible application
low power consumption (the pump supplied has a wattage of 16W )


Hydor skimmers are equipped with an exhaust system to adjust the level within the column without changing the amount of water treated .

They also offer an air regulation system that allows you to control the amount added enabling users to adjust the skimmer according to your personal needs.

positioning :

L ' entire range PERFORMER has been designed so that it can be placed both inside and outside of
a tank sump. Installations ideals are :

• Pumping from the aquarium with the same return ;

• Pumping from the sump and return in the same (recommended) ;

WARNING : Never install a system that pumps water from the aquarium through the skimmer and returns in a sump placed at a lower level. In fact, if the pump that returns water from the sump to the aquarium grinds to a halt , the sump could become flooded and the aquarium as a result of communicating vessels will empty the tank to bring to the level of the pump.

Some experts advise one foam " wet type " beer ", etc. . These results can be obtained by acting on different (practically infinite ) possibility that these skimmers allow calibration . You get very different results " playing" with adjustments of the air , the amount of water treated and the level in the contact column .

Pump specifications skimming ( Hydor Seltz L35 ) :

voltage 230V - 50Hz
consumption 16W
capacity 1500 L / h
prevalence 145cm
needle wheel

The pump charge pump is not included and must be purchased separately and the diameter of the fitting to connect the charging pump is 12/16mm .

warnings :

• The outlet of the skimmer should not be immersed (ideal place to " water level ");

• The best performance is achieved if the skimmer pump that powers it is located in a compartment with
the water at a constant height ;

• The skimmer needs at least 3-7 working days before you start to foam so
effective . Only then should you proceed with the calibration according to your needs .

• Some rubber tubes , even if not used to feed the skimmer but other instruments , may release
Substances that inhibit skimming . Therefore it is recommended to only use hose sold specifically
for the aquarium trade or for food use.

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Hydor Skimmer Performer 120/550 
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