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Hydor Koralia Kit Reef

Hydor Koralia Kit Reef
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Available Options
Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Evo 3200Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Evo 3200
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
79,90Euro [TaxInc]
Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Evo 4400Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Evo 4400
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
110,90Euro [TaxInc]
Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Evo 5600Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Evo 5600
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
105,90Euro [TaxInc]
Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Nano 1600Hydor Koralia Kit Reef Nano 1600
Immediately Available
Immediately Available
74,51Euro [TaxInc]

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Kit consists of a controller and Wave 2 pumps Koralia.

Ideal set to simulate the waves and tides in a marine aquarium.

Comprising 2 Koralia pumps and a Smart Wave Controller.

The Koralia pumps are compact, energy-saving ideal for recreating the natural water movements characteristic of rivers and marine environments. Equipped with patented magneto sucker for easy positioning and safe, it can be connected to a timer with intervals programmed in seconds, minutes or hours. Spiral protect cables included.

Koralia 1600:

     For marine water aquariums from 60 to 100 Liters
     Consumption: 4.5W
     Capacity: 1600 L / h

Koralia 3200:

     For marine water aquariums from 180 to 370 Liters
     Consumption: 4W
     Capacity: 3200 L / h

Koralia 4400:

     For marine water aquariums from 160 to 250 Liters
     Consumption: 4.5W
     Capacity: 4000 L / h

Koralia 5600:

     For marine water aquariums from 210 to 350 Liters
     Consumption: 5.5W
     Capacity: 5200 L / h

Smart Wave Controller:

SmartWave, controlling one or more pumps, helps to recreate the natural currents that promote the well-being of the aquarium. Easy to use SmartWave is programmable in 2 different types of movement and to exchange time from 5 seconds to 6 hours. It is equipped with two types of "function manger." Of small size, it is easy to place inside the aquarium cabinet. Usable with most pumps handling on the market are compatible with the on / off function range.


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Hydor Koralia Kit Reef 
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