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Hydor H2show Kit Volcano, Bubble Maker, Led Red

Hydor H2show Kit Volcano, Bubble Maker, Led Red
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Price: 36,50Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

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Full decoration of aerator and LED lighting

Decoration model volcano effect transparent, made with non-toxic resins and safe, do not affect the biological balance of the aquarium. The colors, hand-painted, are resistant and do not release alcuan substance. Perfect for both freshwater and marine

Dimensions: Height 10 cm, diameter CM13

Bubble Maker:

No noise, no vibration: incredible absence of vibrations and noises: the exclusive oxygenating technology Hydor Bubble Maker H2show combined with Hydor H2show Led Light illuminating a super-safe makes the atmosphere of the aquarium harmonious and colorful.
Easy to hide: Hydor H2show Babble Maker is hidden in the gravel of the bottom, behind a rock or a decoration.
Built according to the strictest international safety standards, Hydor H2show Babble Maker is easy to install and requires simple maintenance.
Maximum durability and reliability: no perishable item like membranes and rubber valves.
Adjustable air: practical tap "regolabolle" out of the aquarium.

Technical specifications:

Power: 4w
230Volt - 50Hz
Flow min-max 50 / 180lt / h
Aquarium liter 50/200
Dimensions aerator width 4cm height 5.5cm
Support for aerator 9.5cm

H2show Led Light is a low voltage ensures savings and security: it does not generate heat, it does not promote the growth of algae and above all not create any disturbance to pesci.Ha a long life with an autonomy guaranteed the high quality of the first and componenti.è unique lighting system that allows you to decorate with beautiful color effects visible day and night.

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Hydor H2show Kit Volcano, Bubble Maker, Led Red 
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Home » Decorations » Resin/Ceramic decorations

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