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Haquoss DM3 NO2 Ultrafast 250ml

Haquoss DM3 NO2 Ultrafast 250ml
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Price: 5,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Nitrites (NO2) constitute the second step of the nitrogen cycle and derive from the transformation of ammonium/ammonia by the Nitrobacter bacteria present. In fresh water, the maximum value of nitrites is between 0.05 and 0.15mg/lt, therefore a concentration of 0.20mg/lt is already an indication of a malfunctioning filter. Values higher than 0.50mg/lt are extremely dangerous for the aquatic environment with the risk of fish loss. In marine water, especially in the presence of invertebrates,
a concentration of 0.05 mg/lt must not be exceeded, in fact already 0.10 mg/lt are lethal for some animals. HAQUOSS DM3 is a natural product
100%, concentrated proteolytic composed of purifying elements that act immediately
and counteract the decomposition of organic substances that create nitrites (NO2), both in fresh and marine water. Harmless to fish, plants, crustaceans, invertebrates and corals.
DOSAGE: before using the product it is recommended to do a partial water change from 15% to 30% (if the value
NO2 was 0.50mg/lt or higher, make 30%), siphoning the bottom well and replacing or rinsing only the pre-filtering materials (white fiber or sponges positioned at the first stage of the filter). 1ml of product eliminates 0.1 mg/lt every 10lt of water (1 capful = 5ml). Example: if you have 0.5mg/lt in a 100lt aquarium you have to use 50ml of product twice in two days to reach 0mg/lt. The disappearance of the nitrites will occur on the third day. If necessary, repeat the dose since the tests on the market measure up to 1mg/
lt and it is obviously possible that the value is more
tall. Stop feeding fish during treatment and do not clean the filter.

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Haquoss DM3 NO2 Ultrafast 250ml 
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