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Haquoss D13 GH Plus 250ml

Haquoss D13 GH Plus 250ml
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Price: 6,91Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Haquoss D13 gradually increases the GH (total hardness) without
affecting the KH (carbonate hardness) and consequently also stabilises
the pH if it falls too low. Depending on the biotope of your aquarium,
the GH is different as not all fish and crustaceans live in the same type of
water. With soft water fish (Cardinal tetras, Scalars angelfish, Discus and
Apistogramma) the GH value should be 4°/8°, with community fish (Neon
tetras, Danio, Rasbore and Corydoras) a GH value of 6°/9° is preferred; with
Poecilidae (Guppies, Mollies, Xipho and Platys) the GH should be between
8° and 10° while with African cichlids (Aulonocara, Pseudotropheus, etc.)
between 15° and 20°. With crustaceans the optimal level is usually 4°/8°. In
all cases the pH must always be stable between 6.8° and 7.2°. Harmless to
fish and crustaceans.
DOSAGE: 25ml (1 cap = 5ml) per 100lt of water raise the GH by 2°. Raise the
level not more than 2° per day. Measure this value daily with commercially
available tests while using the product and, if necessary, repeat the

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Haquoss D13 GH Plus 250ml 
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