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Haquoss LiveSand 1-1,2mm 2lt/3,6kg

Haquoss LiveSand 1-1,2mm 2lt/3,6kg
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Price: 14,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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This product is composed of natural coral,
aragonite and a culture of bacteria. The introduction
of this “living sand” into the marine aquarium
instead of the traditional coral gravel is strongly
recommended to stabilise the biological/chemical
balance of the notoriously unstable water in marine
HAQUOSS LIVESAND contains millions of
heterotrophic, autotrophic and chemolitotrophic
- It contains essential elements for the life of marine
- It has an exceptional surface of bacterial cling: 1m2
for every 3cm of product.
- It removes nitrogen compounds (nitrites and
ammonia) and partly eliminates phosphates and
- It is a natural shelter for small worms and
crustaceans, essential for aquarium life.
- It stabilizes the pH by creating the biological
balance of the aquatic environment.
- Bacterial activation in new aquaria, or after water
partials, occurs 5 times faster than normal.
- Contains calcium and magnesium carbonate.
Increases the calcium/magnesium concentration
Suitable for tropical marine aquariums equipped
with a powerful external filt ation or with filters
under sand, this system is strongly recommended
to constantly aerate the sand thus obtaining the
maximum “performance”. After placing the sand on
the bottom of the aquarium, activate the filtering
system and after one hour rinse the mechanical
filtering materials (sponges or perlon fi e). A slight
clouding of the water is normal and will disappear
in a short time. Create a bottom with a maximum
height of 2/3cm or, in the case of DSB aquariums, up
to a maximum of 10/12cm.

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Haquoss LiveSand 1-1,2mm 2lt/3,6kg 
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