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Haquoss KoralSand Pro 1-1,2mm 5lt/6,5kg

Haquoss KoralSand Pro 1-1,2mm 5lt/6,5kg
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Price: 26,80Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Used in most marine aquariums, coral sand
faithfully recreates the sea bed. It is certainly the most
suitable sand, both from an aesthetic and a material
point of view, for setting up your reef.
HAQUOSS KORALSAND PRO is not, as it often
happens, a product derived from rocks but it is directly
extracted from the sea or produced by crushing and
crumbling hard corals no longer alive. It is mainly
composed of highly pure natural calcium/magnesium
carbonate. The grain size is optimal, from 1 to 1,2 mm,
making it the ideal base for shrimps, crabs, gobies,
spirographs, anemones and snails.
It is free of harmful substances and does not release
nitrates or phosphates and stabilises the pH value and
the carbonate hardness.
Rinse vigorously and several times under running water,
placing the sand in a bucket and moving it with your
hands in order to eliminate dusty residues. A slight
clouding of the water is normal and will disappear in
a short time. Create a bottom with a maximum height
of 2/3cm or, in the case of DSB aquariums, reach a
maximum of 10/12cm.

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Haquoss KoralSand Pro 1-1,2mm 5lt/6,5kg 
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