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Haquoss ExtraPur 500ml

Haquoss ExtraPur 500ml
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Price: 11,00Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Haquoss EXTRAPUR SiO2 REMOVER is a resin specifically designed
for the complete removal of silicates and complex carbonate salts from
water. It is recommended for use in a filter cartridge at the water outlet of
the osmosys system (post-filter). RO (osmotic) water still contains traces of
mineral salts (called complex salts) including silicates that are not
completely eliminated by the membrane during the passage. In fact, the
conductivity of the water exiting the system is usually around 10/12
Microsiemens (μS) and the more the osmotic membrane is worn, the more
this value tends to rise. For a marine aquarium, it is essential to prepare the
water with synthetic salt in addition to pure osmotic water because,
otherwise, the water obtained would be altered in its composition of salts
to the detriment of the welfare, growth and even survival of the animals
themselves. The use of this resin is essential to obtain a perfect osmotic
water whose output value after treatment will be about 0/1 Microsiemens
(μS). When the resin is saturated it does not release the silicates and
complex carbonates absorbed but simply does not eliminate them

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Haquoss ExtraPur 500ml 
is in the Categories:

Home » Water treatment » Filter media » Resin
Technic » RO system » Deionizers and resin

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