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Haquoss Ion Exchange 500ml

Haquoss Ion Exchange 500ml
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Price: 11,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Haquoss ION EXCHANGE RESIN -KH/GH is a special resin designed
for the immediate reduction of KH (carbonate hardness) and GH (total
hardness) in fresh water. The value of KH recommended (the content of
carbonate salts dissolved in water) is about 5/7° while the GH (the content
of mineral salts dissolved in water) must be around 10/12°. Both values
tend to rise when partial changes are made in the aquarium using tap
water. The KH only needs to be decreased by 2°/3° per day.
DOSAGE: Approximately 350gr will remove 1000/1200 degrees of
temporary and total hardness. This means that if a 100lt aquarium has
values equal to 10° of KH and 20° of GH, and 50lt of water are poured
through the resin, the KH value will drop to 5°/6° and the GH will drop to
10°/12° with a consumption of the resins of 250 degrees of hardness out of
the 1000/1200 available: this is a consumption mathematically deducted
from the previous equivalence but the duration of the resins depends very
much also on the value of GH (total hardness) because the higher this is
the faster the resins are consumed. When the resin is saturated it does not
releases the absorbed carbonates but simply will not eliminate them
anymore. USE: Insert the resin in the net provided, close it and put it inside
a funnel placed on the mouth of a clean plastic canister. Remove the
necessary amount of water to be treated and slowly run it through the
resin so that it falls into the tank. All this water will have a KH and GH of
about 0°/1° with immediate effect. If the values have not lowered
completely, repeat the operation. It is advisable to measure the pH
(6.5/7.5°), KH (5/7°) and GH (10/12°) before adding the water back into the
tank. If the pH value has dropped, simply shake the water tank vigorously
for a minute, as this will cause the mass to oxygenate and bring the pH
back to its previous value. Then place the treated water in the aquarium
IMPORTANT: If the bottom of the aquarium (gravel or fertilizer) is partially
calcareous (i.e. it contains a considerable percentage of carbonate salts),
each time water with KH and GH at 0° is added the carbonate salts
contained in the bottom will continue to dissolve and will not lower the
KH. In this case, the only remedy is to change the gravel with an inert one.
Follow the instructions carefully as the resin is very strong and an
overdose could lower the KH and GH values too much.

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Haquoss Ion Exchange 500ml 
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