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Haquoss L1 Conditioner 1000ml

Haquoss L1 Conditioner 1000ml
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Price: 12,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Haquoss L1 is a product specially designed for the preparation
of new water in the pond. Due to its composition it makes tap water
immediately suitable for fish and plants, stabilises the pH value to neutral
(7°) and supports the moulting of crustaceans, if present. Avoid overdosing.
Contains: ALOE VERA for mucous membrane protection - HUMUS as
in nature in clear and dark water - Iron gluconate and trace elements
for plant growth - Removes chlorine and heavy metals in a very short
time - Protects fish gills and mucous membrane - Increases fish vitality
- Promotes crustacean moulting - Eliminates transport stress. Haquoss
L1 CONDITIONER is indispensable for partial water changes during the
summer season, where a combination with Haquoss L2 START & CLEAN
(bacterial activator) is recommended for both changes and maintenance.
Harmless to fish, plants and crustaceans. DOSAGE: Stir well before use. NEW
WATER: 1 capful (5ml) per 50lt. PARTIAL WATER CHANGE: 1 cap (5ml) every
50 lt of water replaced.

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Haquoss L1 Conditioner 1000ml 
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Home » Pond » Water treatment » Water conditioner

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