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Haquoss H30 Algae Limit Marine 100ml

Haquoss H30 Algae Limit Marine 100ml
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Price: 7,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Haquoss H30 Algae Limit Marine 100ml


Product adjuvant for water purification in the prevention of the emergence of generic algae in marine aquariums even in the presence of hard corals , LPS , SPS , soft corals and anthozoans . And ' essential to intervene as soon as the phenomenon appears . Decrease at the same time the lighting hours. Recommend the addition of HAQUOSS NITRATOR in the filter to eliminate the appearance of nitrates and consequently the regrowth of algae ; reintegrates the aerobic process .


5ml ( 1 capful ) per 25 gallons of water. If necessary, repeat the operation after two days no more than 2 or 3 times.

Council :

After the treatment is recommended to do a partial water change ( no more than 30%), siphoning the gravel on the bottom, and add a trigger to replenish the bacterial filter bacteria and use of activated charcoal if it remains the color of the water . The partial water change and siphon the gravel must take place on a monthly basis .

During the use of this product to remove the activated carbon from the filter , if present .

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Haquoss H30 Algae Limit Marine 100ml 
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