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Hanna Halo HI 12922 - pH rechargeable electrode

Hanna Halo HI 12922  - pH rechargeable electrode
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Price: 353,80Euro [TaxInc]
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Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Hanna Halo, turns your smartphone into a professional pH meter

HALO ™ is the first professional pH probe with Bluetooth® 4.0 technology.

With its flexibility and ease of use, HALO ™ is going to revolutionize the way pH is measured: no cables, no tools. Simply download the free "Hanna Lab" app to turn your compatible Apple or Android device (not included) into a full-featured pH meter.

The HALO® HI12922 pH meter uses Bluetooth® (wireless) intelligent technology. There are many features that make this electrode ideal for agriculture, especially for direct pH measurements in the soil. Other features are the special formulation in LT glass (low temperature), conical tip, glass body and triple junction.

Glass designed for use at low temperatures

Measuring pH at very high temperatures will damage the sensitive glass tip and will shorten its life. A GP glass pH electrode (for general use) has a resistance of 25 mC to 100 megohms, while the resistance of LT glass at 25 ° C is about 50 megohms. As glass temperature decreases with the sample, the strength of the LT glass will increase and will be close to that of the GP glass. If GP glass was used, the resistance would exceed the optimal resistance, resulting in greater impedance and influencing the measurement. HI12922 is suitable for use in samples to be measured at temperatures ranging from -5 to 70 ° C.

Conical tip in glass
The conical-shaped tip design allows penetration into solids, semi-solids and emulsions. HI12922 is ideal both for direct pH measurements in the soil and for measuring a solution prepared with a soil sample.

Glass body
The glass body of HI12922 is resistant to many chemicals and is easy to clean. The glass body also allows a rapid transfer of heat towards the internal reference electrolyte. The mV generated by the reference cell are temperature dependent, so the thermal equilibrium is reached faster, the reference potential is constant.

Triple ceramic junction
The triple ceramic junction allows a higher output flow of the electrolyte from the reference cell to the sample to be measured. A classical pH electrode is equipped with a single ceramic junction with an output flow of 15-20 μl / h. The triple ceramic junction allows an output flow of 40-55 μl / h. The higher output flow ensures greater continuity between the reference electrode and the measuring element.


Rechargeable electrode
HI12922 is a rechargeable electrode equipped with a system of a second reference system; HI7082 to 3.5 M KCl is the electrolytic filling solution. When using a rechargeable pH electrode, the filler cap must be removed before calibration and measurement to create pressure in the head of the reference junction. This allows a greater flow of electrolyte through the external junction and ensures faster and more stable readings.

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Hanna Halo HI 12922 - pH rechargeable electrode 
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