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Bea Bio Engineering Aquaculture
Bea Bio Engineering Aquaculture
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Bea Growth 100ml

Bea Growth 100ml
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Price: 29,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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BEA GROWTH is a premium sinking pellet.
Designed and developed as a high protein feed, its
unique formulation is capable of supporting the rapid metabolism typical of juvenile specimens, predators and breeding fish.
The product is characterized by a high percentage of fish roe, which guarantees an excellent supply of proteins, essential amino acids and fatty acids.


Fish roe and krill, which have a high percentage of noble proteins, provide at the same time HUFA, PUFA, EPA, DHA, omega 3-6-9.
Very rich in essential amino acids, which guarantee one
rapid and harmonious development of even the youngest fish.
Brewer's yeast, as well as algae and derivatives, are a natural source of B vitamins and beta-glucans, powerful immunostimulants.
Probiotics perform a beneficial action on the animals' metabolism by promoting digestion and assimilation of food, combined with chitin naturally present in Krill, they reduce intestinal pathologies, promoting the development of a healthy microbiota.

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Bea Growth 100ml 
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