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GroTech Pro Instant Carbonat Confezione da 1000 ml

GroTech Pro Instant Carbonat Confezione da 1000 ml
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Price: 13,91Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Limited Quantity

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Prodotto: GroTech Activ Carbon 1000ml - Carbone attivo esente da fosfati e con PH neutro


General Information:

Regenerable high-efficiency activated carbon made of coconut shells.
Absorbs extremely fast yellow substances and medicine remainings
and can be reactivated up to 2 times in the micro-wave.
This highly-absorbing active carbon is made of coconut shells and is
water-quenched directly after production, being stored in same and supplied.
ReActiv Carbon stands out due to its extremely quick and high absorption
characteristics. With the use of  ReAktiv Carbon the quantity applied in the
marine water aquarium can be reduced  by up to 50% .
A further advantage is the reactivation ability.
If ReActiv Carbon is used for the removal of yellow substances, ReactivCarbon can be reactivated and reused up to 2 times.
Whereas the absorption capacity will be reduced after each reactivation process.
After having been used for the removal of midicine remainings,  ReactivCarbon should not be reused, but being disposed.  
Please scour ReActivCarbon after the use with reverse osmosis water, dry it and reactivate same in a micro-wave suitable pot (glass, ceramics) with lid for abt. 5 minutes in the micro-wave at the highest level (600W).
Afterwards please splash again with osmosis water.
Now ReActivCarbon can be used again.





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GroTech Pro Instant Carbonat Confezione da 1000 ml 
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