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JBL GoldPearls 1000ml/540gr

JBL GoldPearls 1000ml/540gr
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Price: 11,90Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: JBL GoldPearls 1000ml/540gr



















JBL Gold Pearls are a premium class food pearl for fantails and ornamental goldfish. It contains a combination of nutrients in a pearl-type form, specially attuned to the feeding requirements and habits of fantails and other breeds of goldfish kept in aquariums.

Valuable ingredients including spirulina algae, wheatgerm and a variety of vegetable raw materials help to keep these fishes healthy and thriving. Vital vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and carotinoids promote resistance, lively colouring and ensure healthy growth.

At a glance.

  • Slowly sinking food pearls.

  • Specially designed to meet the needs of these fish, high proportion of vegetable and animal proteins from wheatgerm, soya and fish

  • High plant content from spirulina algae

  • Lower level of water pollution due to reduced phosphate content


Cereals, fish and fish by-products, crustaceans, algae (10 % spirulina); vegetables and yeast. Feed several times a day in small portions which should be consumed within a few minutes. Complete pet food - no artificial colouring. Contains E 306 antioxidant

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JBL GoldPearls 1000ml/540gr 
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Pond » Foods for Pond Fish

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