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Gold Pearls 50ml/26gr cod. GP01

Gold Pearls 50ml/26gr cod. GP01
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Price: 3,99Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Immediately Available

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Product: Gold Pearls 50ml/26gr cod. GP01


Shell eggs in the process of good processing in the shell of the egg to kill the bacteria, fungi, especially gather shrink bug, to eliminate the good disinfection not strictly for worm eggs to the disease.

Eggs contain rich natural shell of protein, unsaturated fatty acid to improve the young fish, young shrimp have great help to the immunity, natural carotene on fish can promote body graces.


Nutrien:protein>60%, fat>24%, moisture<8.5%.


Feeding points:

Avoid by all means is a feed the overmuch, bottom not only cause waste into eggs, but also can be polluted water quality; Shell eggs lack of suspension sex, feed on whether and when uniform will directly influence the feed effect.


Advantages of product:
Eggs in 220 microns in diameter of left and right sides, easier to feed. Can feed directly, and it does not need to after hatching management operation; As a branch of the food materials, shell eggs is better than the living FengNianChong higher energy and nutritional value, good in dormancy period because worm eggs, energy consumption in zero, lipid, amino acid and various enzymes dusty don't move.

With no after incubation program, eggs nutrients without any digestive and erosion, its contain rich natural protein, unsaturated fatty acid, carotene on young fish increase body, grace have great help to enhance the immunity. The shell eggs size is good shrimp tends to young fish and small fish eating direct.


Applicable objects: corals, small tropical fish, sea water fish, all kinds of young fish.

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Gold Pearls 50ml/26gr cod. GP01 
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