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Forwater Osmosis Membrane FWH-1812-100 100GPD

Forwater Osmosis Membrane FWH-1812-100 100GPD
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Price: 42,25Euro [TaxInc]
Availability: Not Available

Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
Free shipping for all orders in Italia.
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Membrane for osmosis plants


The FORWATER FWH is a brand new membrane with multileaf and anti-fouling technology created with an advanced, fully automated production process to guarantee uniformity and maximize the filtering surface to guarantee high rejection.

The multileaf technology allows the membrane to have a larger filtering area compared to a traditional membrane to guarantee a greater, constant flow and with a high rejection rate of up to 99.5%, even with very charged water and with a high TDS.

Traditional reverse osmosis membranes can easily clog due to organic encrustations with consequent reduction in permeate causing early replacement.

To prolong the life of the membrane and have lower energy consumption, the internal layers of the FWH are produced with a new technology. An anti-fouling layer applied directly to the surface of the filter film, made with a single casting, to make it smoother in order to reduce deposits and create a neutral surface that has less interaction with the ions present in the water.

FWH membranes have a production up to 30% higher than that of traditional hand-produced membranes which are also subject to a high defect rate.

The FWH membrane is a reliable choice for laboratories, aquariums, microelectronics, residential systems and for all uses where the production of extremely pure water is required.

Designed for all FORWATER reverse osmosis systems and for all systems with standard 1812 vessels.

Available with 4 types of flow rate: 50 GPD - 75 GPD - 100 GPD - 150 GPD.

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Forwater Osmosis Membrane FWH-1812-100 100GPD 
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